About NMO

Ninety Minutes Online was born in February 2011 as a labour of love and dedication to the beautiful game. Originally the brainchild of editor Gareth McKnight, NMO has blossomed from Gareth’s ramblings about his beloved Tottenham into a look at all things football.

The site aims to be objective in assessing the current trends in the sport, sparking debate and hopefully invoking thought. Ninety Minutes Online will never be the first place to find breaking news, but opinion-based articles and editorials that are interesting and enjoyable for the reader is the goal.

Although their is a bias towards the more mainstream leagues such as the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, NMO aims to cover anything relevant, worthwhile or of interest from the four corners of the footballing globe.

In early 2012, due to the increase in popularity and traffic to the site, NMO welcomed seasoned football aficionado Francis Johnston on board as senior writer, and have the use of 10 experienced and talented freelance writers with expertise on the game across the globe.

The site fully encourages interaction; please feel free to leave your comments on articles, follow us on Twitter, add NMO on Facebook or submit an article for review.

All enquiries should be addressed to the editor – editor@ninetyminutesonline.com

Enjoy the site

One Response to About NMO

  1. Hey this is a great football site ! And I share with you not only the passion for the beautiful game, but also love for the great Football club of London The Mighty Spurs ! Cheers !

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