Premier League Week 36: Will Leicester Take the Title?

Without any sliver of doubt, the most important match of the week is the Leicester and Man United clash. The Foxes only need one win, and the title is theirs – but first, there‘s the Red Devils to get through. There‘s also Tottenham, who is the only team that could still mathematically catch up to them, and they‘ve got a game against Chelsea.

According to the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet, Man United is a fair bit more likely to win in this clash, with their odds at a win being 21/20 vs the 3/1 that Leicester City got. It’s no wonder that the Foxes aren’t favourites this time around – their leading man Jamie Vardy, who has been crucial in many victories, will have to miss this crucial match due to his suspension.

Man United is going into this game with all their key players fit and ready to go – and considering just how much their performance will mean to their contenders, they’re sure to put up a very tough fight. While the first time that these two met in ended in a draw, this time the game’s an away for the Foxes, and United’s midfielder Ander Herrera told Sky Sports that they ”don’t want them to win the title at Old Trafford”.

Still, Leicester has been in a great form and the last time they lost was on February 14th to Arsenal which, by the way, was an away game for the potential champions-to-be. Now the Red Devils quite obviously have struggled a fair bit more, considering that they’re still fighting for a top 4 spot – but winning to them is just as important as it is to Leicester, if not more.

Leicester celebrate

The fact is that for Leicester not to win the title they would have to lose three games straight – and Tottenham would have to win three games straight at the same time. It’s safe to assume that this scenario is highly unlikely, so even if the Foxes do miss out on winning a title at the Old Trafford, their season is still probably going to be amazingly spectacular.

Back to the Spurs – their game against Chelsea could also play a big part in Leicester’s success, because if Tottenham loses, they secure the title for the Foxes. The bookies think that these teams have exactly the same chances to win at the Stamford Bridge – they both got the odds of 17/10 for that. In any case, the Blues don’t have all that much to lose – or to win – by now, unlike the Spurs.

Tottenham has been in a pretty good form lately, except they do sometimes draw games that they really should have been able to win, like the last week’s fixture against bottom-dwelling West Brom. Their upcoming opponents are even more inconsistent in their gameplay, and they have started losing again after a pretty long period of only winning or drawing games. Can they beat the Spurs though? In theory, yes, but the reality has been a whole different ordeal this season for Chelsea.

If we take a look at the beginning of this season, it’s pretty amazing to think just how many surprises were about to happen that really took everyone by storm. The most amazing part of that is that the following year is going to be something, too, because these results will impact the international leagues quite a bit – Leicester, for example, has already secured a Champions League spot. Will they add a debut Premier League title to that? This Sunday may reveal all.


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I am an enthusiastic and dedicated freelance football writer, with a passion for the beautiful game. I am a lifelong Spurs fan, and ninetyminutesonline is my thoughts on the current affairs of world football.

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